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Bruce Outridge -The Artist

Cartoonist, Caricature Artist, Designer

I once met a lady that was 90 years old and she looked and felt like 65. When I asked what her secret was she said she read the Marmaduke comic strip every morning and had a shot of a brandy every night.

As a professional cartoonist and caricature artist my work has been published or purchased for years in industry magazines and by private clients world wide.The difference between a professional artist and hobby artist is that you Bruce Outridge Productionsneed to turn creativity on when you need it, not wait to be inspired. I bring this training to my consulting and presentations on creativity and marketing for your business. As a creative I enjoy doing many different things and all of those interests have come into play when helping others with the marketing of their businesses. I am actually known as a personal “thought bubble” by some because ideas come very easy to me. If you would like me to become your “thought bubble” then check out my consulting programs and lets get started. If you are looking for ideas on marketing and being more creative then my new podcast is the next step for you. Check it out here!

As for my art you can learn more about my illustration and design business at Bruce Outridge Productions. Although I do everything from video and website design to comic strips, my main focus for that business is live caricature entertainment and studio illustration. It isn’t uncommon for me to be teaching someone how to complete their log book in a transportation course and then meet them as I draw at a wedding on the weekend. Yes that has happened! If you would like to learn about my caricature business, my presentations for the art community, or hire me to illustrate your next book then you want to visit my art website Bruce Outridge Productions.

Bruce with his cartoons