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Outridge Enterprises Inc was formed to marry the three divisions ( Bruce Outridge Productions, Outridge Translation Services, Outridge Consulting Services ) together under one umbrella. This organization is focused on client satisfaction and the three divisions each have their own strengths, clients, and services. Both partners have active operational roles as well as leadership roles to help the company succeed. Don’t judge the small operation as it delivers a large punch with the products and services available.

Bruce Outridge: President / Director / Owner

With 30 years of experience in the transportation industry and past owner of several businesses his attitude has been the key to success. As an illustrator, artist, designer,cropped-OE-icon.jpg consultant, entrepreneur, and motivational speaker Bruce strives to share his expertise to help make better lives and careers for potential leaders and the people who lead them. His programs and services focus on helping people in the transportation industry, entrepreneurs, and artistic markets.To learn more about Bruce and his illustration business please visit

Carmen Outridge: Vice President /Owner

Carmen Outridge has been in the translation industry for most of her working career. Originally from the Province of Quebec she moved to Ontario at an early age and began a part-time translation business which quickly became a full time operation after a business layoff. After a down turn in her personal life she shut the company down and went back into the workforce. When her partner Bruce started the other divisions she decided to start her company up again under the Outridge Enterprises Inc. umbrella. She operates it to this day as Outridge Translation Services offering technical and general translation services for companies dealing with Quebec. To learn more about Outridge Translation Services please visit their website at

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Mission Statement:
To help people realize their dreams, by becoming the leaders of their lives, businesses, and careers.

Divisions of Outridge Enterprises Inc.

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