3 Steps to Creating Effective and Memorable Content Presentation

3 Steps to Creating Effective and Memorable Content Presentation

“Improving team creativity and helping build
creative businesses or careers from talent

This presentation is Bruce’s most popular and requested presentation. Available as a 20 minute keynote to 3 hour workshop Bruce offers information and techniques to help those trying to connect with their teams, market their businesses, and effectively tell their story.

Lunch & Learn version of the presentation.

3 Steps to Creating Memorable and Effective Content
Content: Business, marketing, content creation, social media
Program Availability: Available as a lunch & learn session, keynote, or workshop
Key Takeaways:

  • Create content that tells your story
  • Improve communication action with your team or clients
  • Increase engagement on social media and communications
  • Improve your team building communications with humour

Learn how to tell your story with this interactive workshop. Bruce will show participants how to create content to focus their message and share it with their audience. This workshop comes with a workbook that audience members will work through during the workshop allowing them the resources to continue creating content upon completion. Participants will learn how to create content to increase engagement, how to use humour in their communication or marketing efforts, and share their story with consistency and creativity.

Learn about the workbook that accompanies workshop versions of the presentation.

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