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Could you imagine working in your dream career for your whole life? You wake up each morning doing exactly what you want, making great money, and being admired by fans. Many artists and creative individuals search for that life but never attain it. Sometimes it’s a lack of passion, sometimes the work gets to be too much, and sometimes life takes you in other directions. It is possible to work your dream job for most of your life, but it takes a clear vision and steady work ethic to get there. Most people start down the path and then stop because they don’t see growth or the path takes too long. The plan may take years to create and follow through even longer.

Once you’ve created a vision for your life you need to act on it. Depending on what you are trying to do this could be a long term venture and you still need to live in the mean time. That may mean working that regular job that so many people talk about while you’re building your dream. This is why I was inspired by Jamie Taylor a musician from Newfoundland that started sending me music for our radio station. He may be by driving a truck by day but he writes songs by night. He started writing songs in the pandemic and has now become a writing machine. He found that writing is what he enjoys doing best and has now focused on writing for himself and others. Building his catalogue of music is what will bring him towards his dreams and success.

Have you figured out how to take your business or career to the next level? It is often easy to get into a rut and keep doing the same thing day after day in your business. When was the last time you took stock of your dream path, your goals, or your success record? Are you moving up the ladder, are you moving along your path? Have you moved closer to the goal? If you’ve been doing the same things time after time it might be time to change it up. Create a new product to get out there more, launch an album, write a book, or create some new content around your craft. That may be enough to move you closer to your goal and bring in an opportunity that wasn’t available to you before. I recently illustrated a book cover for new author David Hagel and the book has now been published. David’s expertise is in human resources and workplace investigation and he has had his business for over two decades. He has now written a book to take his business to a new level to jump start a new phase.

If we summarize what we have talked about we can put it into three categories:
Do you have a clear vision for your dream career or business? The vision has to be so strong that when life gets hard it doesn’t waiver you from your path.
Are you willing to build on that vision even if the end goal is far away? Can you build it while working a day job and still work towards your goal?
What can you do to jump start a new phase towards your goal? If you’ve been doing the same thing for a while is it time to change it up?

Achieving your dreams are not easy which is why most people don’t make it. They take a lot of work and many are not willing to put in the work. It is possible to reach those dreams and although many look like it was luck that got them there it usually has been constant hard work and determination. There is no shortcut to success. I hope this helps you reach your goals.

About the Author

Bruce Outridge is a media entrepreneur specializing in the transportation and creative industries. Apart from being a professional cartoonist Bruce is the producer of several podcasts, television shows, and radio networks. He is also a published author and professional speaker. You can learn more about Bruce and his work at

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  1. That’s so true. People are mostly looking for shortcuts, and forget that the best way to achieve something is to embrace the suck instead of trying to avoid it. Thanks for this post!


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